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An Analysis On The Security Dilemma Of Northeast Asia

Posted on:2007-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Security dilemma is a situation that is used to explain international tension, confrontation and conflict into one of the basic mechanisms of the concept. The paper is to combine security dilemma theory with security practice of North East Asia in order to understand the actuality and casue of formation and outlet of security dilemma of North east Asia with comprehensive and system by the synthetical analysis of the theory and realism.The first part of the paper is the security dilemma theory interpretations. The first is to define the security dilemma. British historian John Butterfield and American scholars on the security situation, Hertz classical exposition. During the Cold War, by Mr. Collins and Robert Gervis and other Western scholars study summed up, the security situation was characterized by good intentions, not the uncertainty and self-determination to defeat or contradictory policies, and its salient features common to the nature of the tragedy become a judgment whether the security situation in the light of the plight of the standards.Secondly, the reliance on realism and neo-liberal system, and social structure, the theoretical background for the analysis of the security dilemma created perfect system. From the system-level perspective, the structure Woerzi realism that the plight of the international system of anarchy is the root cause of security, the highest authority in the absence of non-government system, the national security act of self-help groups will conduct a security dilemma situation inevitable. From the State body itself, the concept of domestic factors such as policy makers, government agencies and national and community relations capacity, social opinion and national public sentiment and other factors will determine a country's foreign policy.Again, from the micro-level decision-making and psychological perspective, in addition to human, national and international system, but also lead to understanding the root causes of conflict and misunderstanding. Importantly, community building, that the international system of anarchy is a social construct, a social construct a concept and the structure of the international system such structures dynamic. Security dilemma is a common knowledge or expression structure : When the...
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