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A Research On The Impact Of The "Media Diplomacy" Upon The America's China Policy

Posted on:2007-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185462346Subject:International relations
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In this article, the focus is paid on exploring the "Media Diplomacy" which is a newly-emerging concept of diplomacy .It will include the connotation of this concept, the reason of its rise and its influence on the Sino-US relations, especially on the process that the American government makes the China Policy. This article is supported by the "Media Diplomacy" theory which is cross-generated on the base of theories of communication and theories of international relations. And based on this, the author analyzes the impacts of the "media diplomacy" with some cases from both inside and outside aspects. By using the combinative methods of both general theories and specific cases, the author attempts to explore the operational mechanism, the influence,the influencing methods and how to do something in the era of "Media Diplomacy" .The concept of "Media Diplomacy" was put forward at the beginning of the last century and got a prosperousness in the 1990s.As a new diplomatic concept, it is different from the traditional diplomacy in connotation and forms. It came into being based upon the rapid development of communication technology, the stronger and stronger power of media in public affairs and the changing diplomatic idea of the government and so on. From the beginning, the Governments paid much attention to "Media Diplomacy" and tried best to put it into use. But not until the 1990s,could it achieve relatively independent academic position in the diplomatic fields, and gradually been widely used in foreign affairs.As a new form of diplomacy, "Media Diplomacy" has its unique operational mechanism. Generally speaking, it is the extension of media power in the diplomatic field. And it is not completely dominated by the will of the government. It can not be the decisive force in making foreign policy, but its influence can not be ignored. It can have effect on the thoughtful way of the decision-makers when they make foreign policy and even in the special period can change the country's foreign policy."Media Diplomacy", plays such important role in the Sino-US diplomatic...
Keywords/Search Tags:Media Diplomacy, Sino-US Relations, American China Policy, Media Public Relation
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