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On The Perfection Of Chinese Capital Adequacy Supervisory Legal System Based On The Basel Capital Papers

Posted on:2007-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M XiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185466006Subject:Economic Law
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The capital adequacy is the foundation for commercial bank's normal operation, and it is an important method for commercial banks to supervise risk. Capital adequacy supervision is a very important system for financial risk protection. It has great positive practical significance to research commercial bank capital adequacy supervision. Basel Capital Accord emphasizes capital adequacy supervision, and it unites the capital risk weights standard. Capital adequacy supervision guarantees commercial banks can develop steadily and healthy, and it reduces the financial risk of the whole bank system. Therefore more and more countries and areas have all accepted Basel Capital Accord, and brought it into their commercial bank supervision law system. In order to catch up with the international market, at the same time, in order to protect China's commercial bank from financial risks, our country has given a promise to supervise China's bank according to the Basel Capital Accord. But there are many difficulties for China promoting Basel Capital Accord in whole country. So we must analyze existing China's commercial bank supervision system based on China's realistic situation, and study those successful experience abroad, perfect China's bank supervision law system to guarantee commercial bank's competitiveness and specialization, then promote China's commercial bank's healthy development.This thesis consists of 4 chapters. In chapter 1: based on two basic theories, with financial and law these two angles, analyzing the necessaries of merchant bank capital supervision; Chapter 2: through introducing Basel Capital Accord's evolving process, discussing capital supervision's developing direction. Based on many countries and areas' reform process and experience, and then come to the conclusion: Basel Capital Accord is an inevitable tendency of international banking industry capital supervision. Chapter 3: by analyzing the present situation, pointing out the positive aspects and some short points of China's existing capital supervision legal system. At last, the thesis gives out some proposals on how to perfect China's commercial bank capital supervision system. Based on China present national conditions, according to Basel Capital Accord, we should frame to perfect supervision legal system from the interior and exterior aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Capital adequacy, Basel Capital Accord, Capital supervision, Legal perfection
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