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On Hotels' Civil Liabilities For The Tenants Injured By The Third Party

Posted on:2007-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185469231Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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A substantial promotion in public life and a variety of consumer groups flourished, following by the development of eternally constantly social-economic activities. The violent incidents frequently occurred at hotels, when outer, business or tourism, or to attend conferences or visit relatives and friends, which cause the tenants murdered or the personal property of the customers in hotels damaged or stolen by the illegal. Tenants injured or murdered in hotels frequently found newspaper headlines, but the judicial judgments for the same kind cases are widely divergent, even diametrically opposite. There are deep gaps in the understanding of such issues in the law theorists, too. This is extremely detrimental to protect the rights and interests of victims, but also violates fair and just values the law pursuits.Therefore, the article probed into true cases on the basis of the attitude of having both feet on the ground and the guiding philosophy of seeking fairness and justice and protecting human rights ,to expect to clarify hotels liability caused by the injury the illegal bring out, and to obtain impartial judgements to conciliate the casualties'relatives.In addition to the introduction, the full text of about 50,000 words, a total of five chapters :In chapter I, firstly, author define the concept of hotels civil liability caused by injury the illegal make tenants in accommodation contract process , and explore the law characteristic marks of this kind of civil liability. Of cases in the chapter, you can detect the reverse judgements and theorists differences in perspective.In chapter II, author exercised empirical analysis methods and legal theories to demonstrate that the security obligation is the implied term and main provision in accommodation contract, whether hotels undertake the responsibility of breach of contract or not, and the whys and wherefores hotels have no need to undertake the responsibility for breach...
Keywords/Search Tags:Tenants Injured by the illegal, Hotels, Liability for Breach of Contract, Vicarious Liability, Liability for Tort
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