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Research On Travel Contract

Posted on:2007-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the tourist industry of our country develops at full speed. Tourist industry has become the leading industry of our national economy at present and it is leading the other relative industries into the prosperity. With the development of tourist industry, the quantities and the kinds of the dispute of the travel contract are more and more. But the legislation on the travel contract in our country is still at the stage of exploring. The domestic laws and regulations about the travel contract are seriously insufficient and few experts and scholars have discussed the relevant problems of the travel contract. In the draft of Contracts Law, some people once divided the travel contract as one chapter of the Contract Law, but legislators did not adopt for some reasons finally. The travel contract remains the contract without title in our country's Contract Law. In our country's judicial practice, judges can not often find the proper legal basis while handling the case of the travel contract, which cause the results of trying far from each other. At the same time, the lawful rights and interests of tourists and travel agencies can not be effectively protected, and the development of tourist industry is influenced too. So, many scholars in the tourist circles and scholars in the law circles are all appealing for strengthening the legislation on travel contract.In this paper, the author analyzes some relevant problems of the travel contract according to the current situation of the travel contract in our country, and proposes some suggestions on the basis of precedents of foreign legislation research and one's own practice. Maybe the paper will be helpful to the perfection of the legislations on...
Keywords/Search Tags:travel contract, liability for wrongs in conclusion of contracts, liability for breach of travel contract, compensation for mental damages, the standard travel contract
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