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Research On Responsible System To The Law-enforcement Of Administrative Supervision

Posted on:2007-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185951090Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The responsible system to the law-enforcement of administrative supervision is seemed as legal supervision system. It regulates its authority to the law-enforcements, definites its responsibility to the civil servant and establishes its responsible system. Administrative supervision is an important ensurement for administering according to law, for uncorrupted administering and for efficient administering. It does not create new law, but it ensures the correct implementation of laws and regulations through specific and clear accountability. That is precisely the implementation of laws and regulations originally requested. From a historical and realistic point of view, what is the responsible system to the law-enforcement of administrative supervision? Using power strictly in accordance with legal procedures, statutory authority, and statutory functions in order to build a transparent, sincere, responsible, rational rule of law government. This is the key to the promotion of social harmony and a harmonious society. That also embodies the idea of modern administrative law, which is 'authority and responsibility exist the same time, authority is supervised, taking responsibility if disobeying the law, compensating if infringing one's right.'This year is the implementation of scientific development concept, is also the eleventh 'five years' implementation of start-up year. The new strategy of socialist harmonious society have new requirement to administrative supervision. To meet the development of the situation andthe objective requirements of the administrative supervision in practice;connecting with the theoretical study of power monitoring, administrative responsibilities and harmonious society;by comparative analysis and historical analysis methods;based on a combination of theory and practice;In sighting our existing system of the administrative supervision enforcement accountability from the legal basis, organizational structure, functions, accountability four aspects. From the effective monitoring system or administrative experience;introducing accountability system to the administrative supervision system;enforcing the building of administrative supervision enforcement accountability through clearing the main responsibility, decomposing statutory duties, deepening enforcement publicity, introducing performance appraisal, Implement accountability, improving law enforcement supervision. Particularly for administrative monitoring systems, namely, maintaining the NPC leadership structure remains unchanged, we can attempt to establish the "national commission" which specially exercise administrative functions paralleling administrative or judicial legal status. In addition to discuss law-enforcement supervision in the way of diversification, we also analyse the installation of the NPC ombudsman. I hope to discuss with academics, and provide reference for the research of administrative supervision system.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative supervision, law-enforcement supervision, administrative responsibilities, state commission, NPC Ombudsman
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