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The Legal Regulation Of Urban Land Utilization

Posted on:2007-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185969212Subject:Economic Law
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The urban land utilization is so important to support civil economy and social activities. It is crucial to bring the urban land's optimized utilization to the legal track in social development. At present, the failure of market adjustment and government intervention during land utilization are exposed on the progress of urban land marketable reform. In order to solve these problems, we need resort to legal measures to regulate these irrational phenomena. This research mainly utilizes such means as jurisprudential analysis, comparative analysis and historical analysis. Focusing on the existing problems and the necessity of legal regulation in the process of urban land utilization, this research gives several suggestions on how to perfect the relevant legal regulations in China.Other than the preface and epilogue, the scheme of the discussion is divided into four chapters as follows:Some basic questions of city land utilization will be introduced in Chapter I. On base of defining the city land utilization, clearly reveal the necessity and importance of the city land's efficient utilization through its value analysis and basic principle summary, which will be the foundation of this research.Chaper II carries out jurisprudential analysis on the legal regulations of city land utilization. After illustrating the necessity of legal regulation of city land utilization in view of its existing problems, analyzes the malfunctions of market regulation and government intervention, as well as its legal remedy resort, which further proves the necessity of legal regulation.Chapter III will elaborate the experiences and enlightenments on the legal regulation of city land utilization overseas by comparative way, which is necessary to our country. This research introduces the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban land, Land utilization, Legal regulation
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