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Study On Legal Analysis Of The Right To Freedom Of Association

Posted on:2007-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the introduction of a summary of the contents of the strategy of ruling the country by law, the building of China's democracy and legal system has made considerable progress, but the surface of the rule of law is becoming even more prominent tendency, if not resolved surface of the rule of law, the rule of law ultimately is to attract the public eye bubble.It is the emergence of civil society theory surface of the response to the rule of law, freedom of association is the prerequisite for the development of the community, but also the rule of law ultimately formed the foundation. Therefore, the study on freedom of association is highly theoretical and practical significance. From a legal perspective this to the concept of freedom of association to be defined on the basis of freedom of association and the theoretical basis for the analysis, the value of freedom of association and summarized, and finally to improve our state association made a number of recommendations. With a view to the adoption of this effort is to deepen the awareness and understanding of freedom of association, but more importantly led to the realization of the right to due reflection.It is divided into six parts, including articles in four chapters and the preamble and body Conclusion. First, the author in the article introduced the preamble creative practitioners social background, made the need for freedom of association studies. To protect and improve freedom of association, freedom of association on the need for a clearer understanding of the concept, this is the first chapter of defining the concept of freedom of association. Introduced in the main part of the definition of association and freedom of association, freedom of association and other rights related to the difference between right and the freedom of association and several areas of basic political relations, and so on.Any rights that have theoretical support, the second chapter of this specific analysis of the theoretical basis of freedom of association. This analysis of the theoretical basis from the major classical natural law, democratic theory, social theory, and public social fronts. According to the article, it is natural for people of Jurists through natural state visits made to safeguard and protect the natural rights of the people must be formed to protect the rights of political associations basic theory of the State in law guaranteeing freedom of association provided legitimacy to the moral basis. And freedom of...
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