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Try To Discuss The Compensation Of Urban Relocation

Posted on:2007-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185977954Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Along with the economical and social development, the cities'economy prospers unceasingly. To change the cities'appearance, the civic building relocation has become a necessity as the foundational work of the property development. But in the relocation practice, there are anxious phenomena appearing, such as the self-immolation, jumping into the river and so on. It has affected the stability of our society already. The reason lies in "compensates". The present compensates legal system is imperfect, the stipulation of principle is too fuzzily, the scope is too narrow, standard is excessively low, the way which compensates is too simplifies, and none of the explicit procedure can be possible followed. In order to change this situation, we should learn from the overseas'correlation experience to consummate the present relevant law unceasingly and compensate in the house relocation completely in the principle; Will compensate to the land employment right brings into line with in the system which will compensate to the house property rights, regarding the land increment value, the anticipated income, the invisible loss also will be supposed to bring into line with the scope which will compensate. We should consider the factors that will influence the value of land and house comprehensively and determine a time point in appraise. In order to meet Human's different needs, we may introduce the compensation way of the reward, function compensates, the social security, the pooling of land and so on except the two basic ways of currency and exchanges. As the procedure, we may establish the consultation procedure and the ruling procedure to compensate in the realization procedure fairly and protect human's legitimate rights and interests.
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