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The Theory And Practice Of Ren Bishi In Party-building During The Anti-Japanese War Time

Posted on:2007-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ren Bishi is an important member of our Party's first generation of central leader collective which taking Mao Zedong as the core. He was an outstanding leader of our Party and set up great merit in our Party's history. he had been struggling for Party's construction enterprise during his 30 years'revolution life and made an indelible significant contribution to our Party. Especially in the crucial time of Anti-Japanese War which relating life and death of our Party and country, Ren Bishi invested much more energy in Party's construction enterprise. He made great contribution not only in the aspect of theory exploration for Party-building but also in the aspect of working practice for Party-building.In the aspect of the theory of Party-building, many thoughts about Party-building which he proposed and explained , such as Party spirit question, Party's unified leadership question, Party's mass work, Party's construction of cadres and so on , enriched and developed Mao Zedong's Party-building thought, it also had an important guiding sense for impelling Party's construction to carry on smoothly dring the Anti-Japanese War . In the aspect of the practice of Party-building, in country, he assisted Mao Zedong to develop the Yan'an rectification movement, planed the central organization's newly built and simplified, draft Party's historical resolution, arrange and convene the seventh Party's Congress, and made an important contribution to our Party for constructing a maturely and influential big party . In abroad, he went to the Communist International with the request of Central Party Committee , urged rhe Communist International to support our Party's correct route and Mao Zedong's correct thought, at the same time, he whole-heartedly did our Party's propaganda work, expanded our Party's influence, strived for the international society's aid and support to the Communist Party of China and the Anti-Japanese War, it had a noticeable vital function for Anti-Japanese War's final victory.Ren Bishi's outstanding achievement for the theory of Party-building and the magnificent achievement for the practice of Party-building during the Anti-Japanese War time, not only has the extremely significant historical significance, but has the important reality guiding significance for today's Party-building, and it also has the...
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