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A Legal Research On The Problems Of Individual Quantification Of Rural Collective Property During Urbanization

Posted on:2007-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
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With the development of urbanization, quite a number of Chinese peasants have been transformed into urban citizens, whose living conditions rely, to a great extent, on the handling of their original rural collective property, considering the actual situation of the country. Meanwhile, the property of the township-village collective economic organizations has ever been accumulating. The transformation from rural residents to urban citizens indicates the disintegration of rural traditional collective economic relations. How to deal with the large accumulation of rural collective property is the practical annotation of our rural collective ownership, which will not only have an influence on the actual interest of those transformed new urban citizens, but will affect the stability and development of the whole society. However, up to now, no systematic legislative principles are available to standardize the management of the rural collective property. Meanwhile, the present related policies and rules of law have long lagged behind and no longer adapt to the need of reality. The imperfection of related legislation results in different handling principles by different local governments, and thus leads to countless clashes. This research is a case study of the reforms of rural collective property in Dongguang village, Chengdu City. The author, on the basis of field investigation, carried out a deep analysis of the problems...
Keywords/Search Tags:urbanization, rural collective property, individual quantification of property rights
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