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Analysis Of The Proof Standard In The Criminal Procedure

Posted on:2007-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185993165Subject:Procedural Law
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The proof standard in the criminal procedure is a basic problem in evidence law, The proof standard in the criminal procedure has already got the widespread concern of the educational circles currently, taking this as the contents of to pile up one after another, the contents is complicated. Especially in the last few years, our country became to contention of a hundred schools of thought towards the discussion of proof standard. But, haven't there been scholar to make a system and go deep into up to now monograph. So, the writer takes this as, complete a graduation thesis, be is exist a very big challenge. But let what writer rejoice BE, the writer absorbs the essence of numerous articles, at the analysis Chinese and Foreign certificate standard of the pertaining to crime litigation expand a brand-new of angle of view-with proof standard for the main line middle point discussed form litigation to prove a standard stage problem. Pass this angle of view to observe theories and fulfillment of the proof standard of the whole criminal procedure, then may have it the special place.The analytical and whichever ories' problems all should begin from its concept and the content, although fall into convention, this is the foundation which elaborates a problem, so this text is no exception. The full text is divided into four. Chapter one for "the summarizing of the proof standard in the criminal procedure". Made an investigation to the concept of certificate standard first, analyzed scholar concerning prove standard concept of various express and comprehend a last dissimilarity. Secondly to our country three greatest litigation method concerning prove the standard provision made to say all, and prove civil case in court standard and pertaining to crime litigation proved standard to make more analytical, carry on introduction to" centralized leadership system" and" binary system " standpoint, and put forward an own standpoint. That part still proves standard concept and philosophy to the pertaining to crime according to made introduction. Chapter two for "the foreign pertaining to the proof standard in the criminal procedure ". The...
Keywords/Search Tags:proof standard in the criminal procedure, beyond reasonable doubt, clear and convincing evidence, objectively truth, legal truth
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