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Legal Analysis On The State-owned Commercial Bank Changing The System And Coming Into The Market

Posted on:2008-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360212493285Subject:Economic Law
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Ectively expounding, be the process looking on them as a overall, the secondary state-owned commercial bank is changed to manufacture appearing in the mThe state-owned commercial bank of 4-big occupies important position in our country national economy, at present, our country is listed to state-owned commercial bank of 4-big changing system being completed already basically, relates to the law problem that many are worthy for to study here in process. Certainty the main body of a book is changed to manufacture first from state-owned be changed to manufacture the background appearing in the market starting, analytical state-owned commercial bank commercial bank appearing in the market. The property relations there existing in state-owned commercial bank is unclear , minimum capital requirement is insufficient, the non-performing loan is overweight, corporate management structure does not improve and perfect to wait for a problem to have restricted state-owned development of commercial bank and competition already gravely. Under background coming to improve whose competition numerously and confusedly by appearing in the market in home and abroad commercial bank, from that economics comes up, the state-owned commercial bank of 4-big appears in the market being able to improve bank minimum capital requirement expanding a channel, raises capital adequacy ratio by changing system; Perfect corporate management structure, build modern commercial bank system; Improve the bank international competitiveness. From that the law angle comes, the state-owned commercial bank is changed to manufacture appearing in the market being able to make up our country bank law deficiency, perfects legislation style at present; Behavior of the standard government; Guide changing system of other state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises to appear in the market. In this one process, the state-owned commercial bank is changed to manufacture the incorporated company being to meet appear in the market requirements , does not changed an appellation dealing with the problem of Fang Fang soft and floury like that simplely, among them, process hits the target reappraising the stocks and assets of enterprises , property right reforms , Assets Appraisal , financial affairs restructuring and the state-owned assets share capital structure , stock right in the process handling a problem , there are still to appear in the market interpose if changing system, appear in the market the place waits for a problem. The state-owned commercial bank is that all above city is purpose but are in progress to change system, is changed to manufacture the problem relating that with appearing in the market overlaping each other , is difficult to differentiate concretely therefore the condition and standard appearing in the market seeps through everyone step that the state-owned commercial bank is changed to manufacture. Therefore the main body of a book the law problem changing system , what being related that in appearing in the market is not carried out resparket inner outside problem being confronted with start, analyse the main law problem that the bank is confronted with in this one process. Inside law problem is that the bank company governs the problem that mechanism and the overseas strategy investor introduce, sets forth a bank appearing in the market by changing system building the substantiality problem according with modern bank system mainly. Come to say , govern to go ahead in the company concretely, regulation and have problem specifically for our country law governs to state-owned commercial bank company, use the legal rules that the international standard governs to fine company , the measure having brought forward perfect our country company structure for reference; The investor has introduced aspect outside boundary , has started with overseas import of strategy investor and the significance introducing to , has analysed now available our country law regulation in the respect of introducing the overseas investor , has brought forward perfect measure and. Outside problem involves in making and overseeing a problem to the bank gauge , sets forth the government and the marketplace appearing in the market in changing system checking state-owned commercial bank restraint and standard effect among this one process. From reinforcing supervision and control of state-owned commercial bank , reinforcing information disclosure and building to the commercial bank outside marketplace restraint mechanism (including that the marketplace reputation building a commercial bank machine-made and going bankrupt to return city mechanism two kinds way), three aspect sets about, By the government , marketplace , bank, the health coming to be a state-owned commercial bank even other commercial bank creates the fine the outside environment , guarantee bank making joint efforts in three aspects develops. The state-owned commercial bank is changed to manufacture wanted the problem facing host of miscellaneous problems, the main body of a book however a trial is got involved in, main sum core problem being confronted with in the course trying to appear in the market by the fact that the state-owned commercial bank and breaking a solution to come to study stating analysis in the front, changes system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Changing the System and Coming into the Market, Corporate Governance, Beyond the Border Strategic Investor, Bank Supervising and Managing, The Disclose of Information, Bank prestige, The Bankruptcy Draws Back the Market
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