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On Principles Of Liability Applied To Maritime Torts

Posted on:2007-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A P ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212955861Subject:International Law
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Maritime tort law covers the definition and types of maritime torts, the punishment to inflictors and the compensation to victims. The function of maritime tort law is to make the loss and damage caused by maritime torts reasonably allotted between related parties. And the system of principles of liability is the key to foresaid problem.System of principle of liability, which is the core of maritime tort law works as a functional system, embodies the values of the whole legal system. A complete and reasonable system of principles of liability is necessary for systematism of maritime tort law. This thesis analyses typical maritime torts with the basic theory of principles of liability of civil law, introduces the trend of principles of certain types of maritime torts, and then points out the dual-system of principles of liability, namely consisting of the liability of fault and that of non-fault.This thesis consists of five chapters:The first chapter analyses the system of principles of liability in the civil law , introduces the definition, function and legal values of liabilities of fault and non-fault.The second chapter defines the maritime torts and analyses the types of maritime torts, so that illustrated the scope of this thesis. Then it discusses the meaning of systematism of principles of liability of maritime torts and suggests that the dual-liability system should be established in maritime tort law.The third chapter analyses some typical maritime property torts, such as the loss and damage of goods occurred during transportation at sea, ocean shipping duplicity, delivery of the goods without the original B/L and ship collisions and allisions and points out the principles of liability applied to these torts.The fourth chapter introduces the principles of liability applied to death or personal injury at sea under current legal system and the trend of those principles...
Keywords/Search Tags:maritime torts, principles of liability, liability of fault, liability of non-fault, dual-liability system
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