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Research The Law Of Rules And Regulations About Enterprise Group Interior Affiliated Transaction

Posted on:2007-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212967591Subject:Economic Law
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The intrinsic value of affiliated transaction t is to be supposed definitely, but the non-fair and just connection exchange initiation economy and the social question are also noticeable, its constituted the challenge to our country existing law. At the same time, along with social division of labor detailed thorough, the enterprise collectivization development, in the real life connection transaction frequently occurs day after day, protects the company legitimate rights and interests, specially the young shareholder and creditor's legitimate rights and interests, take strict precautions against the enterprise group interior non-fair and just connection transaction the occurrence to appear especially importantly.This article first part of summary enterprise group interior connection transaction, discusses its connotation and the extension. First to is connected the side, the connection transaction, the enterprise group and so on the essential terminology definition, the judgment standard, the scope comparative analysis research method elaborated that, and to current international, American, our country Hong Kong area, our country land area definition gives the comparison analysis, proposes the author different viewpoint and the suggestion, induction enterprise group interior connection transaction legal characteristic.Second part of enterprise group interior connection transaction legal analysis. Obtains from the analysis enterprise group interior connection transaction present situation, the analysis affiliated enterprise group interior connection transaction advantages, the exploration connection transaction occur intrinsic root.Third part of enterprise group interior affiliated transaction legal rules and regulations mentality. In first part and second part of analysis foundation, does the research enterprise group interior affiliated transaction trend of development, does the research affiliated transaction and the present correlation law carries on carefully examines with...
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