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Study On The Public Trust Of Government In The Crisis

Posted on:2008-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212973770Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the global economic integration flood tide, the internationalization of China strengthens day by day. At the same time, each of domestic reform strength enlarges unceasingly, as the open domain continuously broadens. The society is facing the period of profound transformation. Crisis which threats our people's life and property in the mean time restricts the further development of the society. As the main body in the management of public crisis, government should fulfill its sacred responsibility. In this process, the public trust of government may rise or fall because of the relationship that the public trust of government and the management of public crisis dependent and affect mutually. This article analyzes the government crisis management in order to search into the government originates, make clear about the government responsibility, show the importance of the public trust of government in the process of government crisis management, lay a solid theoretical foundation to raise the public trust of government in the crisis.In the light of the condition public trust of government lack under the public crisis, This article comprehensively and systematically analyzes the reasons of public trust of government lack from the political context, the economic environment, the social culture environment as well as the science and technology, with the PEST analytic method in strategy management. It's helpful for us to fundamentally and omni-directionally solve the problem of government idea, the government behavior, the government order and the government efficiency by analyzing these reasons systematically. So we can build the responsible government, the service government, the transparent government, the government ruled by law. Combining the reason analysis in this article, I suggest that if we want to find an effective way to raise the public trust of government in the public crisis, we should search into the public crisis management idea, the public crisis management system, the mechanism as well as legislative work and simultaneously pay attention to the education and the technical development. The last part of this article tries to integrate the PEST essential factor to the AHP, calculates the weight of different essential factors influence public trust of government, sorts the factors according to the weight so that to provide the important reference for the government administration and decision-making behaviors. Then it causes the government service even more with a clear goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public crisis, Public trust of government, Responsible government, Index of public trust evaluation
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