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On CPA's Liability For Tort

Posted on:2008-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The CPA's liability for tort belongs to the expert's liability of CPA which includes civil liability, criminal liability and administrative liability. According to the fact, the civil liability of CPA should be classified into liability for breach of contract, liability for tort and coincidence of liability for breach of contract and liability for tort. The CPA's liability for tort roots in the legal relationship of audit, is compensation liability of CPA to the beneficiary of legal audit. As to the audit business of CPA, the CPA's liability for tort includes the liability for tort to the client and the liability for tort to the third party.As to the subject which assume the CPA's liability for tort, there are"one subject theory"and"two subject theory". The liability assumed by the accounting firm is vicarious liability, the CPA is the subject of action and the accounting firm is the subject of liability. But in the long term, it is necessary to admit the personal liability assumed by the CPA to the third party according to the principle of action coherent to liability.The composing elements of CPA's liability for tort includes illegal act, damage fact, causality and fault. The liability judging principle of the...
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