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A Study About Country Authority Structural Relations In Underdeveloped Country Area

Posted on:2008-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212988380Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Chinese economic development is uneven, Chinese economy system with dual economical structure between urban and rural areas is based on sacrificing the development and progress of most rural area. For a long term, this system will restrict the sustainable, healthy and stable development of entire country's economy.In the new century, sufficient recognition of the seriousness of the problem, CPC and the government provided with a strategy to "complement agriculture with industry, assist country through industry", and build new socialism rural areas. The core of new socialism rural areas construction is to unify the development between urban and rural areas, integrate separate dual structure in urban and rural economy, facilitate resources flow toward rural areas by every means, which represents the radical change in our country's rural policy. Change of rural policy is sure to bring up profound change of arouse social relations in rural areas.Based on the prerequisite of our country's adjustment to the rural problem, the dissertation took an underdeveloped D village of S town from Anhui province as a case study of political development process, observe and study the game, in which various powerful subjects compete for their interests to the village governing power in the underdeveloped rural areas, and analyzed intensively the contradiction and conflict between the government who represents country construction authority of villages and towns and village committee with endogenous authority. In the situation of self-government in the village, contradiction between them is factually the extension of contradiction between village and town, which is represented respectively by town government and village Party branch as one side, the village committee and the villagers as another side, plus the county level regimen and Chinese country social traditional clan's influence, the town authority game became complex with different interactive powers, and the contradiction and conflict between them were more and more complicated.The dissertation first described the development and evolution of village authority from positivism aspect, on the basis of systemic investigation of the history and reality of development of village power structure, concluded that top-down compressive administration system and bottom-up endogenous village order led to the contradiction and conflict between them, and it could not be avoid if did not eradicate the systemic reason which led to conflict. By the time, the significant adjustment of agricultural and rural policy improves the outside environment, which provides a good opportunity to solve the contradiction between village and small town, the country must catch this advantage and enlarge the innovation of power structure and mechanism.And the dissertation eventually provides three selective schemes to improve the relationship, namely, democratic way, administrative way and economic way, and they are inter-relative, mutual-restricting organic entirety, only planning as a whole and being put into effect synthetically, can produce an expected effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Underdeveloped Country Area, Village Committee, Village Party Branch, Country Power Structure, Game
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