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Study On The Legislative Problems Of The Administrative Encouragement

Posted on:2008-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B S SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215457554Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Under modern guide line of principle of the rule of law administration, the soft administration behavior pattern becomes a modern type the important role of government gradually, the tough control administration of the traditional meaning then gradually time on the decline.Conduct and actions not- compulsive sex administration behavior a member of the household, the administration praises in the modern government manage to bring into relief it day by day superior of one side.Be exactly so the administration encouragement got day by day an extensive application, but the administration praise legislative theories research and lawmaking to practice far and far Zhi behind in this kind of reality of demand. Praise for the our country administration of systemize to provide research way of thinking of have the net value and Fan4 Shi4 with legalization, fill up to some extent thus our country experienced government encouragement lawmaking research of vacuum.Owing to administration encouragement lawmaking of importance and currently to administration encouragement lawmaking research of imperfection, this text praises to the administration legislative of the concept, theories foundation...etc. carried on forer the research of system and analyzed our country administration encouragement the lawmaking is in the fulfillment moderate the theories existent problem, put forward perfect administration encouragement lawmaking of constructive an opinion, with period to administration encouragement lawmaking of perfect have benefit. The text is divided into 4.Chapter 1 is an administration to praise lawmaking a basic ories problem a research. The concept, theories foundation which concretely analyzes and elaborates administration encouragement lawmaking etc. contents.Chapter 2 is an administration to praise legislative instruction thought and basic principle.This chapter necessity of instruction thought and basic principle and administration encouragement lawmaking which discussed administration encouragement lawmaking. The encouragement lawmaking of chapter 3 our country administration lies to review.This mainly discussed our country the ancient administration praise of the lawmaking thought, lawmaking system and our country administration praise legislative present condition etc. problems. Chapter 4 is perfect administration encouragement lawmaking of speculation. This chapter mainly elaborated perfect the administration praise lawmaking and unify to the establishment of the administration praise method of what time thinking. In fine, the this text dint diagram can praise legislative concept to give a new define to the administration on the foundation which has already had a research, can more systematically study administration encouragement lawmaking more completely, thus can further norm administration encouragement lawmaking behavior, is perfect our country administration legal system, promote by law the administration provide a help.
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