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The Research On Chinese Government Achievement Evaluation In The Vision Of Responsible Government Field

Posted on:2008-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215472385Subject:Administrative Management
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We locate the time which is a fiduciary duty time, society and government's existence and operating all is in during certain fiduciary duty relations. Constructing modern responsible-government and scientific achievement-evaluation system is not only the target of Chinese government reform nowadays, but also the new strategy of the government administration reform and re-makes. This paper takes The research on Chinese government achievement evaluation in the vision of responsible government field, as a thesis. It trying to analyze the mutual relations among the government, the achievements and the populace from the responsible government angle, rectifying the dislocation of responsibilities between the government and the populace, and establishing a right conception of political achievement and scientific achievement evaluation system, which causes the achievement not only related to the government and its official`s benefits, but logically to the populace welfare, promotion of the government`s the valid foundation. In the process of establishing government of performance type, we should assimilate the experience of western government reform and base on the socialism China's reality, adapting to the time request, to establish a new government paradigm to the future.This paper covers three parts: introduction,body and conclusion.The intrduction introduces the writing background,the practical significance,the main viewpoints, frame structure and the current research at home and abroad.The body consists of three parts:Part IFirstly,analyzing the alternating control mechanism (principal-agent relationship), formed between modern democracy state and the populace. Secondly, analyzing the origin and development of modern responsible politics and responsible government, and expatiating the connotation of responsible government. Finally in the view of responsible government, achievement evaluation is a logical choice of establishing responsible government. Meanwhile achievement evaluation is institutional arrangement to implement government responsibilities and enhance validity of government.Part IIGovernment achievement examination taking one kind current of the international reform and Introducing the status and trend of foreign government achievement evaluation. From introducing the implement of government achievement evaluation in China and analyzing the problem in the field, we conclude that it is necessary to establish a right conception of political achievement and scientific achievement evaluation system from the responsible government angle.Part IIIAddress the methods choice of establishing achievement evaluation system in China.1.Defining the theoretical basis of achievement evaluation.1) following the scientific concept of development2) prescribing government function properly3) considering the request of zhe populace2.Cognizing the basic concept and function of achievement evaluation.3.Establishing and consummating diversified main body structure of achievement evaluation system.4.Establishing scientific index system of achievement evaluation.First, constructing principle of government achievements examination index system.Next, the primary coverage of government achievements examination index system.Finally, gaining and processing government achievements examination data.5.Establishing and improving the system of achievement evaluation, and strengthening our country government achievement examination legal regime construction,which will advance our government's achievements examination the institution and standardization.Conclusion Summarizing the view stated above and repeating the significance of the research.
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