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Research On Public Satisfaction-oriented Government Performance Evaluation

Posted on:2008-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X K HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215473580Subject:Administrative Management
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Government performance evaluation has already become an extremely popular topic inthe government reform area today. Under the impetus of western performance evaluationupsurge, our country has gained certain achievements since we started the explorationand attempt on the performance evaluation in 1980s, but there also has been someproblems, including the distorted concept of evaluation, the single main body ofevaluation and the lack of supervision and so on. This is not only because of the late startwith our evaluation of the government performance, but also of the ignorance of theguiding role which is played by the public satisfaction in it. The purpose of thegovernment work is to serve the public; so carrying out the public satisfaction-orientedgovernment performance evaluation is an inevitable tendency for its further development,which not only helps enhance the government performance, but also improves therelationship between the government and the public, thus resulting in an importantpractical significance on driving socialist democratic political construction.We can learn rich experience and methods from the government performanceevaluation in such countries as UK and the US, whose theme highlight thecustomer-oriented conception. On the stage, China must base herself on her own situationto do the research in depth when learning from the western experience, andsimultaneously, boldly absorbs the western experience after full consideration offundamental differences between Chinese and Western systems. Firstly, we need to adjustthe system foundation, including the reform of the administrative management system,establishing and improving the mechanism for public participation and the benefitexpressing; Secondly, we should explore a series of effective actions to realizegovernment performance evaluation with the public satisfaction-orientated. Then we should build up the public satisfaction-oriented performance view; enact the specialperformance law and relative system; gradually establish a pluralistic system ofperformance evaluation and a scientific performance evaluation indicator system, andimprove the implement mechanism for information of performance evaluation. Finally,we will propose the implementation principles and specific strategies so that it can leadthe practice steps of our government performance evaluation onto a publicsatisfaction-oriented road.
Keywords/Search Tags:government performance, performance evaluation, public satisfaction, customer-oriented
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