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The Evaluation And Analysis Of Mao Zedong's Modern Thoughts

Posted on:2008-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215478876Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The modernization is the primary theme in the modern historical processOf china. It is pursuit and dream of several chinese generaions to realize modernization and reconstruct chinese generations to realize modernization and reconstruct chinese national life style from the modern times。According to the historical task of the party,the firse generation of reading collective of the china communist party headed by Mao zedong,started modernized undertaking of china and formed system atic modernized ideology.So studying Mao Zedong's modernized ideology,especially the taking shape and development of his ideology of"the FourMondernizations"and its inheritance and promotion today,has important significance for coustrusting our socialist modernization with chinese characteristics.Mao Zedong is the pioneer and founder of chinese socialist cause.His understanding of china's modernization went through the process from industrialization of china's nodernization went through the process form industialization to industrialization taking heavy industry as the core,and then to the Four Modernizations.The Four Modernizations Theory is one of Mao Zedong's most rematkable theoretical contributions to China's modernization.Chinese industrial Road is the beginning of Chinese socialism.At the same time ,he tried actively in democratic politics and modern thought and culture. Mao Zedong's enthusiasm to catch up with and even surpass the developed countries and wrong understanding of the nature of China's modernization,besides the restrictions of the historical condition.Mao Zedong's thought about China's modernization was very abundant.on the precondition of realizing China's modernization,he proposed that politically must revolute the old relations of production and set up socialistic system.on the developing th chinese own modernizstion road and launching foreign economic interactions actively;but perventing from monopolizing and controlling by the foreign forces at the same time.On the political system of China's modernization,he suggested setting up a set of legal supervision mechanism favorable the people becoming the masters of their own houses and a set of modern political system base on democratic edntralism.On the strategic objectives and stepping desing of china's modernization,he made every effort to structure a goal mode that combining socialism and modernization together,and planned the"two-step"development strategy,ect。Mao Zedong's thought about china's modernization has very important theoretical values.on one hand,it has opened up a realistic way for china's modernization,and has solved the historical difficult problem of the backward countries'moving towards the socialistic modernization,thus it enriches and develops the Marxist modernization theories.On the other hand,is has offered the enlightenment of Deng Xiaoping's modernized theory with distinct chinese characteristics,and has offered the principled guide of the strategic concept of present china's modernization,thus it becomes the foundation and pathfinding of theory and implementation of china's modernization in the new period and new century.
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