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The Study On The Women's Unite Organization Play In A Role With Rural Women Transformation In Economical Reforming Time

Posted on:2008-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the People's Republic of China was established, the women's position has gradually enhanced, the people also begin to value the female's function sincerely in socialism construct. The women came out from the families; joined the socialism modern construction with men. In the village region especially, because the labor force output of the farmer work, the village women became the main force of the village labor. In this process, in account of the nation and government's strong support, the village women start to be aware of the social role change of them and to form independence social consciousness.2006 is the beginning year to construct the new village of the socialism modernization. New village of the socialism modernization of the construction is center of carrying through to carry out science development view, setting up an important strategy deployment of the harmonious society, indicated the diligent direction of a period village work of aftertime for us, overall body now is the new situation next the village economy, political culture and social development of request. Our women should do their best for the new village of the socialism modernization construction, using their intelligence and sweats, so they can do their contribution power in socialism newly village construct. The women unite Organization is the government-operated folks organization, it organizes the administration frame that the network construction rely on the party and government, not only the central but also the place, each classes correspond the ground to build up one class with The women unite Organization . Depending on the leadership of the party and the support of the governments, the function of the women unites Organization network advantage appears. The network structure that is lengthways and exactly and horizontal the group that stretch member manufacturing The women unite Organization organizes the strong advantage of the construction, make The women unite Organization communication top and bottom, contact and lead long a coordination working talent and can develop well or sonly.The service object of the women unite Organization is the whole women of our country, the whole women of our country are the target communities of the women unite Organization, is the women unite Organization to work direct experience, evaluate the supporter.This text firstly elaborates necessity and inevitability of the village women's role change and the existent problems in the process. Then briefly introduces the organization character, working scope and traits of our country's Women Unite. Mainly discusses the village women from the following aspects: setting up own business, family, participating in politics and stabilization. At last, combining the existent problems in the change process and the Women Unit's function scope, the author puts forward several suggestions. Through the Women Unites positive effect in the village women's role change to raise the people's concern to women especially to village women. On one hand, we should strengthen construction of the Women Unite, making the Women Unite work energetically when helps women. On the other hand, organize and mobilize the social force, promote the village women's role change.
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