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Research On Role Of Local Governments Play In The Institutional Transition In The Minority Region In The West Of China

Posted on:2008-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215966849Subject:Administrative Management
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To promote the development of the minority region in the west of China is the demand of building a well-off society and the socialism harmonious society, is the embodiment of the CCP represent the fundamental interests of the whole Chinese, is the beginning and the end of the minority policy. Certainly, it is the request of boosting co-prosperity and common rich and special requirement to maintain stable society, to reinforce the people solidification, to consolidate the national defence. Development is the ultimate approach to address the problem of the minority while the institution is the root guarantee to ensure all kinds of the policy and measure that according the social developed viewpoint to take into effect.Local governments play an important role in the institutional transition as the provider of institution and one of the members of the 'First Action group'. Whether they can advance the social and the economy harmonious development through institutional transition, which closely relates to the effect of strategy of the west development and the harmonious society construction in the minority region in the west of China. In this paper, I want to give consultant to local government concerning how to carry on institutional transition and reduce the cost of it, maintain the stable society during the course of institutional transition, including five parts:The first part, guidance. I express the backgrounds and the significance of the topic at first. Besides, summarizing the concerning conference. I introduce the researching methods, basics considerate line and main content.The second part, fundamental theory analysis of institutional transition. I expound the institution, institution composing and its functions and analysis the institutional transition and disequilibrium in the dynamic visual angle, including institution demand, supply and their influenced factors. Those factors that influence institution demand including to obtain the anticipated lucre, to reduce the exchange cost, to define and protect the property right, to adjust the structure of interest and relax the institution shortage, while Those factors that influence institution supply including governmental institution supply base on the ration and economy, determination of the technology and social science knowledge, institution arrangement at present and cost of design institution, influence of informality institution and public attitudes and mentality. Finally, I analysis the model and the cost of institutional transition.The third part, I analysis the theory that local government how to promote the institutional transition in the minority region in the west of China. Firstly, I analysis the role of the local government, they are not only the institution to carry out the policy of central government but also the organization that adjust and control the economy and the. main body of economy interests. On one hand, they as the provider of institution, are the main body of institution innovation and advance institutional transition. On the other hand, they are also benefit form the institutional transition, therefore, they are the demander of institutional transition. Secondly, I explain the reasons of institutional transition, which maybe as follows: local government try to adapt the policy of central government, to complete the institution lacuna, to obtain the anticipated lucre and accommodate competition among the regions. Thirdly, I analysis the approaches that local government advance the institutional transition, they are central government authorization, local government independence and local government cooperating with other microcosmic main bodies. Finally, I analysis the advantages and disadvantages of local government advance institutional transition. The advantages contains reducing the ventures and the cost of institutional transition, improving the quality and performance of institutional arrangement from the authority center and so on while the disadvantages including eagering for quick success and instant benefits, eluding the loss and local protectionism.The forth part, character, demand and supply of institutional transition in the minority region in the west of China. At first, I analysis the particularity of institution in the minority region in the west of China, the particularities of formal institution including nationality, imperfectness and lag while the particularities of informality institution including mult-features, inertia, occluding and lag. Besides, I discuss the institution demand that including institution of property right, business administration, land, energy and resource and zoology compensation distribution, public administration and social insurance. At last, I study the institution supply problems including lake in quantity, lake of desire and competence of main body and weak in effect, singleness of main body and long time lag.The fifth part, I bring forth local government how to promote the institutional transition in the minority region in the west of China. Base on the analysis above, I believe that the government should pay attention to these problems: preventing the North confidence during the course of institutional transition, noticing the exceptive institution environment and setting up the viewpoint of institution harmoniousness. Furthermore, I give the policy for the government to promote the institutional transition: Local government should change the idea, complete mechanism, carry on fundamental institution arrangement, promote the organizations arrangement for institutional transition, harmonize the interest relationship among different groups farthest to ensure to promote the course perfectly, take up the cost of institutional transition with active attitudes, set up system for institutional venture, choose the flexible approaches for institutional transition and develop the core function to integrate the all kinds of resource according to the real situation of the minority region in the west of China and agglomerate exterior potences.
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