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Study On The Nomocracy Basis Of Responsible Government

Posted on:2008-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215973577Subject:Administrative Management
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Responsible government cannot but be accepted and practiced by modern democratic government nowadays and it is now being considered as a necessary way to perfect social structures and accelerate social civilization. Building China into a modern responsible government has been deemed to a great worthy cause by both the government itself and the common people of the whole. Accountability oriented and systematical responsibility evaluations are the two main characteristics of a truly responsible government. The basic requirements of a government accountable to people include the negative and active responsibilities: on one hand, the government should be responsibly for its wrong-done and therefore subjects to corresponding punishments according to the law, on the other hand, it is unprompted to set efficient measures to promote people's benefits.Due to the two intrinsic attributes, it is destined to realize responsible government systematically. Radically speaking, there is no sure choice but to construct an effective power supervision system and to form a transparent accountability tracking rule. Therefore, all what it needs is mainly a pivotal system. There exists much coherence between responsible government and rule of law and the latter constitutes a decisive systematical factor of the former. Under the circumstance of political democratization and economical marketing and social differences and cultural opening, it is of tremendous political and economical meaning for Chinese government to try to become an accountable government.Lacking of practical and empirical experiences because of historical and geographical factors, it is imperative for Chinese government to creatively and actively use experiences from other countries for references. Through a comprehensive comparison, it is a commonly established conclusion that a consummate law system is the vital social basis for building responsible government. More concretely, rule of law plays a crucial role in forming all the necessities to make a responsible government come into being. Obstacles widely exist in almost every step and each aspect when the Chinese government begins to make certain reforms to advance responsible government. The drawbacks of Chinese government construction are the very reflection that rule of law is a decisive, if not the only one, factor in the building of responsible government.
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