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Research About The Villages And Towns Reformation Under The Background Of New Rural Construction

Posted on:2008-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215987423Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the system of township was established in China, the villages and towns government has witnessed a few significant reforms. However, because of the highly centralized system of planned economy, chief traditional concept of the negative impact on the township and government's tendency to self-interest, township reform has not changed township agencies, and financial functions for the existence of a system especially after the full abolition of the agricultural tax the township fiscal imbalances made these problems even more pronounced.The 16th National Congress of the CPC timely has brought forward the strategy of the socialism's new rural area building, giving the rare opportunity for villages and towns government, because the reform ideas will be more comprehensive and profound, and on the financial potential of the country and society more support. Meanwhile, as the work environment objects, contents and methods have undergone profound changes, township government will face a series of challenges. In the new building of the rural macro background, learning from the West public service theory and public choice theory with China's township government with the status quo. To the township building a service-oriented government target, The creativeness will be carried out on the four aspects of the villages and towns government's pretage safeguard mechanism, the movement maintenance mechanism, the potency promotion mechanism, the achievements appraised the mechanism four aspects carries on the innovation, we can improve administrative ability and service standard of the villages and towns government. And other perspectives on the reform of township governments to examine the track, work out a way suitable for the socialist market economic system needs reform of township govemment which has great significance of promoting grassroots level management innovation and construction of a new socialist countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:New rural construction, Villages and towns government reformation
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