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The Construction Of The Responsible Government In The Harmonious Society

Posted on:2008-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The introduction of the socialism harmonious society is a vital task in the way of building a all-round well-off society as well as in opening new epoch of reformation and development. The core content and aim of building a harmonious society which is a democracy and legality, equality and justice, honesty and friendship, activity, stability and order, and human getting harmoniously along with the nature. Hence, under this background, building a responsible government is given more vital significance.It is known that in the modern democratic society, the basic of public rights is people. The obligation and essence of the public rights come from people. But the founding of this theory is a achievement through the efforts of enormous politicians and ideologists. Among them, the most important are the social contract, the sovereignty of people and the regime of Marxist countries. The basic theory of responsible government of we socialistic society is directly derived from the Marxist sovereignty theory.The responsible government is only a basic principle of a modern democratic society, but also contains the regulations of system which restrict the government. And to build this responsible government, it must be in responding to the society and its people and take actions to satisfy people's basic needs, and it's two forms are subject and object responsibilities. The responsible government consists of political, moral, law and administration responsibilities respectively. The elements of government's responsibilities contains the morality of the public servants, regulations and anticipations of the society.There are some inevitable relations between building a responsible government and a harmonious society. The development of democracy and building a legitimate society are the political requirements of building a harmonious society. Building a responsible government reflect the man for center, democratic and legitimate, equality and justice of a harmonious society.The difficulties in building a responsible government are the conflicts of responsibilities and lack of responsibilities. The conflicts of responsibilities are composed of power, role and benefit conflicts. And the lack of responsibilities are mainly showed in corruption and bribery, extravagance of state property ,as well as in the corruption of morality. The reasons are the dissimilation of the administrative value's predominant position and the violation of positive value in public administration.There are two ways in construction of a responsible government-exterior and interior. The exterior means enhance the administrative system, accelerate administrative reformation, reform all-round government. The interior means enforce the administrative moral construction, and improve the public servants' sense of responsibilities and qualities.Building a responsible government is a symbol of development of our democracy, a expression of Marxist sovereign theory, and a important task in building a socialistic harmonious society.
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