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Research On The Dismissal Protection System

Posted on:2007-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuing deepening of the Chinese economy reform, profound and exquisite differentiation and recompose are carrying out for the economic interests of each social estate, reflecting in the labor law area, the most outstanding issue is the interest conflict of the employer and the employee. As our country carries out the socialism market economy, one side, concerning to protect the interest of the laborer is the important character of the socialism, on the other hand, striving to vindicate the interest of the investors is the precondition and basis of the market economy too, how to balance the protection of both interests, has already been the important subject of building harmonious socialism labor relation of modern China. This dissertation stated from the history evolution and rationale of dismissal protection system, exercised economics knowledge and management science synthetically, and adopted the science analysis instrument of history analysis and comparative analysis etc., lodged its own viewpoint on the reconfiguration the dismissal protection system of our country. The dissertation is consisted of four parts. Part I is the conspectus of the dismissal protection system, mainly introduces the meanings, history evolution, rationale of the dismissal protection system and the necessity of the stipulation of dismissal protection system by our country; Part II mainly introduces the dismissal protection systems of different countries, processes the relatively exhaustive compare of the dismissal protection system of main countries of common law system and civil law system and Taiwan; Part III is the actuality and abuses of the present dismissal protection system of our country, analyzes variety problems of dismissal protection system of our country from variety aspects; Part IV is the assumption of reconfiguration of the dismissal protection system of our country, has proposed the amendment suggestions on how to build a scientific and effective dismissal protection system suitable for the state situation of our country on the basis of compare and analysis of dismissal protection systems of each countries in the world, and consideration of some advices of scholars of the labor law area synthetically.
Keywords/Search Tags:dismissal protection, dismissal freeness, dismissal notice term, Dismissal cause, severance allowance
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