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The Research Of Plea Bargaining System And Its Building In China Criminal Lawsuit

Posted on:2007-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Efficiency and justice are the two factors which are pursued by criminal law axiology. As an important judiciary originated in USA, plea bargaining has shown obvious contribution to the improvement of justice efficiency. While as to whether the system could reflect the equity it should embody has been a disputed topic, anyway it has been developing in the arguments since it came into being no matter how excusable the oppositions are. One incontestable fact is its strong life force, and it has been introduced in the world wide range in the various forms.What on the earth does the plea bargaining brought to the judiciary, and whether it could be set as a reform direction of criminal justice system of P. R. China, all these will bring the deep thinking for a long time. We think that introducing plea bargaining and improving it to adapt to Chinese practicality bring more advantage than disadvantage to the improvement of China Criminal Law.This article designs the foundation of plea bargaining in China combined with Chinese practicality, through addressing the principle, origination and development of the system, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages and judging the value, to try to find a feasible road to further improve our criminal lawsuit system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plea Bargaining, Criminal Lawsuit, Necessity, Transplant, System Design
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