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The Analysis Of Character Applying In Civil Servant Interview In Our Country

Posted on:2008-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360218950455Subject:Administrative Management
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Civil servant functionaries is the management of the civil servant entrance, the saying goes, "for governance, the important thing is to choose the right person. "How to ensure that the selection and hiring is scientific and fair, it is an important theoretical problem of the contingent building of civil servants. Recently, the issue of civil servant hiring is in a hot discussion. Some people discuss the issue from the macro and micro levels to the innovation, others are from the written test and interviews designed to discuss the reform. Although character factors on the behavior of performance has important implications, there aren't something about the analysis of character in the civil service examination.The character is the important component of personality. It's the major psychological mark in the distinction of individual differences. The analysis of character in the interview does not alter the interview methods and procedures, just look through the personality playing an important role in the future performance of the status. And the analysis attempts to explain character factors should be added to the interview procedure. Character analysis is to improve the element structure of interview and enhance the effectiveness of interviews.This article analyzes the system of civil servant's employment, sums up the difficult point of employment system being put into effect, and tries to choose hard procedures and means ,then, introduces the character factor and the analysis of character to the interview. It discuss that what's the importance of character analysis ,the character how to effect people's action and performance.And then, make the analysis of character look into the future, with a view to play a role in the Chinese public functionaries reform.
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