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Research On Difficult Issues Concerning The Crime Of Intentional Injury

Posted on:2007-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Intentional injury means intentional and illegal act of injuring the other's healthy body. It infringes upon citizen's personal right. Intentional injury is a kind of ancient crime, and a commonly seen crime in our country nowadays. . As a result, study on this subject now seems to be quite important. In this paper, the author investigates the origin of the crime of intentional injury, compares it with the international community penal code, and analyses its characteristics. In analyzing the structure of the concept of the intentional injury, this paper focuses on the crime of attempt of intentional injury, mental damage caused by intentional injury, intentional injury of embryos, and the variant forms of intentional injury, to present to the readers various ideas and notions held by different scholars on this subject, and put forward the author's own opinion, in order to provide guidance for judicial practice, and draw much more attention on this subject from both the academic circle and the practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:crime of intentional injury, attempt, mental damage, injury of embryos, variant forms
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