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Consummate And Innovate The Motivating Mechanisms Of Civil Servants Through The Perspective Of New Public Service

Posted on:2008-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242457386Subject:Administrative Management
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Chinese government published the temporary byelaw of civil servants in 1993 and then published civil servants law of the Republic of China in 2005. The management system of civil servants has been forming and consummating. Although we have established the frame and system, the management system of civil servants is till underway. At the same time, the motivating mechanisms of civil servants have been established elementarily, but their effect is not remarkable. Some long-term existed maladies in the civil servants troop such as low administration efficiency, bureaucracy style, low morale, lack of work positivity and responsibility are still existed. One of the reasons of these maladies is the faultiness of the motivating mechanisms of civil servants. So, it is very necessary and crucial to research the motivating mechanisms of civil servants. It improves the efficiency by discovering and satisfying civil servants' reasonable demands. The motivating mechanisms are an important part of the management system of civil servants, and they are also important topics to scholars. It is the uncorrupted, high efficient civil servants troop that reliably accomplishes the government's historical mission. That consummate and innovate the motivating mechanisms of civil servants is not only the exigent need of improving management level, but also the main approach to empolder civil servants' potential and improve their diathesis. To government, it is worthwhile to consider how to attract, retain and motive the excellent civil servants. Due to the realistic limitations in the motivating mechanisms, it needs to apply new theory to guide, consummate and innovate it, dapping out the immanent restricting factors. The new public service theory is the latest administration theory. Its many thoughts and perspectives, giving us a lot of inspire. This thesis firstly introduces the latest perspectives of new public service and the feasibility of applying it to consummate and innovate the motivating mechanisms, then analyses the restricting factors and the inspire given by the new public service. After that, expatiate how to apply new public service to innovate the motivating concepts. At last, this thesis systematically discusses how to consummate and innovate the motivating mechanisms of civil servants, from four aspects: performance management, salary system, training and organizing culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil servant, motivation, new public service
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