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The Research Of Relatives Concealment System In Criminal Realm

Posted on:2008-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242459141Subject:Criminal Law
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The relatives concealment system all has explicit regulation in most criminal code of the East-West Nations, this doesn't be a kind of strangely fits, but it's deep value contained. Because of various reason, relevant rule too simple, and related theories research too short, lack of system, the relatives concealment in the current law system of our country does not get a complete body now, so that the effect that establish relatives concealment system can't be well delivered, and the rule of law progress in our country has been blocked on a certain degree because of the shortage of this system. So the thesis tries to discover its deep theoretical and practical value with the systematic research on the relative concealment system, in order to bestead legislation and justice fulfillment on relative concealment system of our country.This thesis, except preface and conclusion, divided into three parts:The first part is essence research of relative concealment system. At this part,firstly, the article looked back relative concealment system creation and development process, and analyzed it's social existent realistic foundation at our country contemporarily. Secondly, with the thorough anatomy of the relative concealment concept, the article explained the essence attribute of relative concealment system, analyzed the subjective scope, behavior and restriction which applied in relative concealment system, and generalized characteristic of relative concealment system in all ages.The second part is the value research of relative concealment system. This part firstly analyzed that relative concealment system is the internal request of the ethics character and the extension of the possibility theories of the criminal law. Simultaneously we can educe that the relative concealment is not punishable according with the world trend .Then from the point of view of the Criminal Procedure Law, it analyzed that the relative concealment system is the internal request of guarantee of proof reliability and the purpose of Criminal Procedure Law, Finally, it discussed conflict and theories choose of two sets of value.The third part is the criterion research of the relative concealment system. At the first ,it compared the lawmaking pattern, instauration scope etc of the legislation of the criminal law and the criminal procedure law in all the countries, Secondly it analyzed the shortage and cause of formation of the concealment system in our country relatives .Thirdly it put forward some suggestion of legislation on relative concealment system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relatives Concealment system, Essence research, Value research, Criterion research, Suggestion of legislation
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