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The Research Of The Exclusionary Rule Of The Illegal Evidence

Posted on:2008-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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How to make sure the ability of illegal evidence always arouses many controversies in the criminal procedure. As the consequence , the rule of exclusion of the illegal evidence has been the necessary part of the country's criminal system. For china which is in the process of being the country ruled by law, the rule is definitely important. By the method of historical analysis and comparison, this article has a full inspection of the rule in the world .What's more, this article thinks that the rule of exclusion should be made on the theoretical basis of the protection of the human rights. At the same time , the rule should also been made considering the situation of our country and include the regulations of the facts and the process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Illegal evidence, Inclination of the value, The theoretical basis, Protection of human rights
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