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Bayesian Networks Application In Criminal Interrogation Assistant Decision Support

Posted on:2006-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242485104Subject:Computer application technology
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Criminal interrogation is the most important and complex task of police system. The fundamental research object of the interrogation work is suspects' psychological activity and behavior performance in the different interrogational stage. After dozens of years' research in criminal activity around world, a scientific system structure has been already formed—criminal psychology. This systematized knowledge hides in the huge crime case information deposited in the police system. Current interrogation process costs massive manpower and resources, has the phenomenon of wrong justice, and sometimes causes to delay the investigation opportunity situation because of the process time is long. Moreover, at present in this domain, there are many scattered service data which has been distributed in different departments; Department's data is processed independently and the relations need to be manually established, so the efficiency is low; using traditional functions process the information such as adding, deleting, editing, query and so on, lacks the intellectualized statistics and analysis.This paper takes the research background of Dalian police project—Criminal Interrogation Assistant Decision Support System. It is a large-scale integration system for the purpose of synthesizing the distributed service data, processing data and making standard report, mining the knowledge and the rule hiding in the criminal interrogation data, providing information analysis, inference and forecast, and assisting personnel to handle the cases. The system includes two major parts—criminal interrogation information management and criminal interrogation assistant decision support.This paper discusses Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support based on Bayesian networks and implements the algorithm. Aimed at the research about criminal questions, e.g. interrogation goal, interrogation way, interrogation strategy and method, interrogation language and interrogation environment, this paper proposes the partial criminal interrogation models, including crime suspect psychology characteristic classification model, interrogation simulated target and interrogation strategy model. In the end, this paper gives the analysis and the appraisal to the criminal interrogation system.Moreover, this paper divides and supplies some attributes of criminal interrogation information, establishes the knowledge library, integrates the framework of the system and the data mining algorithm, and basically completes the prototype architecture of Criminal Interrogation Assistant Decision Support System. The results of experiment have obtains the police professional's approval.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal Interrogation, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Bayesian Network
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