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Legal System Analysis On Environmental Crisis In The View Of Constructing Harmonious Society

Posted on:2008-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242488964Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Our human common ideal is constructing harmonious society and complementing the harmonious development between human and nature. However, with the acceleration of the industrialization in our country, we have already realized the importance of the sustainable development because of the changing of the ecological environment. Environmental protection is a complicated work which involve more social cooperation, more science and technology support and so on, so we can call that is "law and science". Now we notice that sustainable development idea is the basis of law and science. We should adjust the relations of human and nature, human and human in the idea because no other than admitting the humanity is a common something and ecological environment and natural resources is the common wealth which contemporary and future generations own, and in recognition of the unity of human rights and obligations in environmental issues, and respect the development and changes in the natural environment the objective laws, thus we can establish a sustainable human development in line with the subjective needs, but also adapt to the new relationship with the objective laws of the natural environment between man and nature - equality, harmony, mutual respect, and coordinated development.However, it must be established environmental law system that adapt to the market economy, so that can truly achieve social harmony. Thus harmonious society is a society ruled by law. The subject for us to study is how to develop modification and perfection of the environmental law. At the same time, compare and reference other countries successful experience is also an important task. Through the study of the impact that Chinese origin harmonious thinking for building a socialist harmonious society and propose some important idea of environmental resources law, such as environmental rights, environmental law philosophy, environmental economic thinking, and deeply explain and reconstruct these concepts, then on the basis of analyzing the China's current environmental situation and the cause of formation and for guiding on the environmental law idea, propose the necessity and the general assume of the "Law on the Protection of the environment and natural resources" from improving environmental basic law in our country. For the environmental crime, after analyzed the importance that the criminal law should intervene the environmental protection and the criminal state of legislation, we put forward a thought that improve the criminal law in our country. As executing the environmental protecting law is a main approach that achieve the aim of the environment legislation, we bring forward a countermeasure aimed at the issue of execute environmental law in current China. All this for a view to improve the legal system of environmental resources, the protection of ecological construction, promote economic development, maintain social stability, and provide a theoretical reference.
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