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Public Service Commission: Innovation Research On Management Mode Of Public Institutions Of Haidian District

Posted on:2009-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K S HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242491128Subject:Administrative Management
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After the founding of our country, Public Institutions is the basic form of organization which has been in use as a public service to provide. Since the mid-1980s, our government has never stopped the pace of reform of Public Institutions, However, due to the aims of the reform mode not clear enough, steps designed not ideal and Lacked corresponding measures, so Management mode of the Public Institutions has not been substantive changed, It has its drawbacks corresponding to residues in today's Public Institutions.Public Service Commission of Haidian District, One of the demonstration point of the administrative system reform in Beijing,From July 2005 to the present set up nearly three years of time,Management of Public Institution has made significant results,The level and efficiency of public services significantly increased.By introducing the background and process, analysis of its management system and operational mechanism, inspecting the result achieved and looking into the existing problems, the article analyses and demonstrates the following aspects:1. Necessity of Reform of public institutions.2. Public Commission's organizational structure, operational mechanism and Function.3. To found the advantage of Public Service Commission mode by comprising it from the traditional institution management mode.4. Applicability of the Public Service Commission mode and its value.5. Development trend of China's public service mode. Finally come to the conclusion that, as a means of integration of public services resources and to improve the efficiency of public institutions and public services, Public Service Commission mode , through theoretical analysis and practice has proved that it has certain advantages and innovative in the allocation of resources, personnel management, incentive and control and so on. In the perspective of public service supply, Public Service Commission mode provides a new perspective to the reform of traditional single mode of public service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Haidian District, Public Service Commission, Reform of Public Institutions, Management Mode, Separating Government Form Institutions
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