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Public Service Government And Citizen Administrative Participation

Posted on:2008-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242969187Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the arrival of globalization and information times, new politics, economy and the value order of the world are attacking our country. But the traditional economic development government's management pattern has not been able to not only adapt but also limit the development of our country in the certain degree, therefore, government's role will certainly to make the constitutive adjustment. Consulted the government managerial experience of the western countries and new public service theory, combined with our country's actual national condition, the thing that constructing the public service government listed the program of our country government's reforms. Constructs the public service government, the government itself reform is most important, but this need the citizen's administrative participation process. The present stage the citizen administration participation in our country has won initial success, but there were many problems to improvement. This article combined the two as research topic, pointed out the way of citizen administrative participation to promote the construction of public service government, for the purpose of realizing the two interaction, finally the citizen can effectively participate the public service government's construction, achieved the best participation effect in the harmonious atmosphere, contributed labor and materials for the public service government's construction.At present the theory which combined the public service government with the citizen administrative participation does not have the considerable development. This article analyzed the problems and the reasons in the process of public service government construction, proposed the positive sense of citizen administrative participation, elaborated the condition of citizen administrative participation in our country development, thus obtains the conclusion that promotes the citizen administrative participation can effectively act the public service government's construction. In the first part, the article annotated the concept and theory of public service government and citizen administrative participation, included the proposal, the connotation, the characteristic, the basic function of the public service government and the proposal, the connotation, the form ,the characteristic of citizen administrative participation . Which the second part the article reviewed the background, achievement, the problem and the reason during the public service government construction. The third part had pointed out the positive sense of the public administrative participation to the public service government, has analyzed the achievement and the existence problem of citizen administrative participation at present. As a result ,we should change our concept, build advantageous political culture atmosphere of citizen administrative participation to construct the public service government; Vigorously develop the education, enhance the ability and the level of citizen administrative participation; Establish the method and the channel of citizen administrative participation; Carrie out the electronic government affairs, enlarge the open degree of society's information; Strengthen the ability of basic autonomous unit, promote the development of citizen participative association and organization; Establish and perfect citizen administrative participation system mechanism, specially consummate the surveillance mechanism to the policy; Cultivates the citizen society. Achieve the best participation effect in the harmonious atmosphere, thus realizes the benign interaction.
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