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Study On Legal Control Of Management Buy-Outs In China

Posted on:2009-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242970191Subject:Economic Law
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Management Buy-outs(MBO),as on model of enterprise merger and acquisitions, is an institutional, MBO is still in the initial stage in china at present. Some corporations have tried MBO and acquired some experience, Property Reform and Manager Incentive are two fundamental functions of the MBO in china nowadays. It is proved that MBO work actively in reducing agent cost, rebuilding the incentive and constraint institution, improving efficiency in foreign country, But in china kinds of problem occurred during the MBO implementation because of the low effeciency in market economy, Poor capical market and lack of relative law, which has attracted the attention of academia and government , There is great significance in research and explore legal control of MBO nowadays in China.This paper connect firmly with state-owned enterprises' reformation, and makes a profound study in several aspects of MBO and its legal control such as the theories, the machanisms and the realistic issues, Thesis can be divided into six parts:Chapter one: foreword, it is an introductiom, which has stated the background of the selected title, significance of the research.Chapter two: Introduce the definition of MBO, it consists of concept, characteristic, economic and legal analyseChapter three: The historical development and comparative analysis of MBO in china and foreign countries, mainly explained the different meaning under realistis conditions about different economic backgrounds, aims,purpose,main body and market development in China and foreign counties.Chapter four: main legal problems of MBO in our country, offer the realistic necessity and foundation for setting up and perfecting the legal system about MBOChapter five : Put forward the suggestion on the basis of comparative analysis of preceding paragraphs on the focus of system. Renewedly construct legal system of MBO about Chinese corporation.Chapter six: Conclusion and forward.This thesis closely connected with the reform of the state-owned enterprises in our country and thus inevitably involved in some economical theory during the course of discussing issues, It is determined by economic attribute of MBO.
Keywords/Search Tags:Management Buy-outs(MBO), Chinese and foreign country's comparison, legal question, legal control
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