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Outline Of Crime Of Coercion

Posted on:2009-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242970231Subject:Criminal Law
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The thesis, titled with "Outline of the Crime of Coercion", explores legal rights of crime of coercion, the concept of coercion, features of coercing behaviors and desistance forms of the crime of coercion, in the purposing of being useful for criminal legislation, criminal judicature and criminal theory in China. The main part of the thesis is divided into three parts besides the parts of introduction and conclusion.Chapter one involves the legislation of the crime of coercion, which mainly illustrates the legislation situation in the British and American criminal law, Mainland criminal law and Chinese criminal law and makes comparison one another. Chapter two refers to basic problems of the crime of coercion, introducing its legal rights, its concept, features and desistance forms. On the basis of basic denotation of legal rights, the violated personal freedom, especially that will determines freedom, should be protected by the crime of coercion. In the criminal theory abroad, there exists difference among three denotations of coercion from the broad, narrow, the narrowest senses. On the basis of analysis, coercion means threatening others and making them conduct or non-conduct due to fright. It analyzes the urgency of crime of coercion, offended subject and offended scope and it also make a brief analysis of desistance form of offense from theoretical basis.Chapter three refers to the legislation improvement of the crime of coercion, elaborating how to improve the regulation of it in legislation in China. In order to better protect citizens' personal rights, especially mental peace, our law should define the serious coercion as the crime of coercion to achieve the best protection of personal right.
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