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On Safety Ensuring Obligation

Posted on:2008-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis discuss the safety ensuring obligation by comparative method and positive analysis. Except preface and end ,the thesis include four chapters. At the part of preface,the author show the practical significance studying the theory of safety ensuring obligation by analyse the sixth article of《The judicial analysis about applying to the law at trying the case of personal damage》coming from the Supreme People's Court about.Chapter I :Showing the fundamental conception,the theory bases and the developing situation about the safety ensuring obligation.Chapter II :Discussing the frame of the safety ensuring obligation by showing limits of the right and duty subject. At this part ,meanwhile,the author analyse the rights and interests which are protected by relative law and explain the realm of application.Chapter III: Analysing and discussing the principle of attribution of infringer liability coming from safty ensurense,at the same time,giving out the formation of infringer liability.Chapter IV :Calling our attention when we try a case about this type case to some problems as follows:1,How to judge the reasonable boundary about the safety ensuring obligation.2,How to dispose of the coincidence occurring between the infringer liability and the liability because of breaking a contract.At the end of the thesis ,the author clear the practical significance about studying the theory of safety ensuring obligation in our country,and look into the future if the obligation to be provided someday.
Keywords/Search Tags:The safety ensuring obligation, personal damage compensation, Infringement liability
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