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Leagl Study On Plug-In In Online-Games

Posted on:2008-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the great development of online games, the legal problems of plug-in in online games have become a focus. Because plug-in is doing harm to online games, the government has define plug-in as to prompt the development of online game sector. As plug-in is concerned of high technology, the study on it is not deep and there is no practical rules to regulate it. The number of disputes about plug-in is growing. Under this situation, I decided to write this paper.Besides the preface, there are four chapters in the paper. In the preface, we make an introduction of the background, the purpose, the meaning and the writing methods of the paper. Chapter one includes the background of disputes on plug-in arising, the classification of plug-ins, the definition of plug-in and the harm of plug-in. All of four sections talk about the general issues of the topic.Chapter two talks about the legal basis about fight against plug-in. Main ideas includes: using.plug-ins breaks the contracts between the online game enterprises and the game players, the act of developing, diffusing or using plug-ins is a kind of tort, and the act of developing or diffusing plug-ins may be criminal.Chapter three discusses the current situation about plug-in fighting. Firstly, it states the manners of fighting against plug-in, then it analyze the problems and the reasons for the problems on plug-in fighting at this stage.Chapter four is the suggestion. It gives the basic measures for fighting against plug-in, and then mainly discusses the roles Forensic authentication can play in plug-in fighting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online game, Plug-in, Evidence collecting, Forensic authentication
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