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Research On The Transformation Of Villages And Towns Government Function Under The New Public Service Theory

Posted on:2009-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242984513Subject:Administrative Management
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China is a large agricultural country; the problem of 'peasant, countryside and agriculture' has been the most important task of the whole Party. The village and towns government is the primary unit in the chain of primary executive authority; it is direct to the grassroots community and becomes an important bridge and link between national government and masses of the people. It is no doubt that the township government is playing an extremely important role in China's administrative system and the political and economic life of the countryside. Therefore, the status of the township government functioning is a key element which is not only related to rural economic and social sustainable development, but also to the whole community's stability and development. With the market economy development and social progress, especially after 'the developed production, the well-off life, the civilized rural custom, the neat village, the democracy management' is proposed as new principle on structuring new socialism countryside on the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the Party, the township government function can't adapt to times requirement, presenting many disadvantages and hindering the process of new countryside construction.Based on the theory of new public service and a new rural development as the background, combining with social justice theory, social conflict theory and the governance theory, referring to rural experience of typical examples from domestic and abroad , by comprehensive use of the literature research method, the interview method, investigation research method, the case analysis method and comparison analysis method, this paper gives a new position about the township government: promoter of economic development, social management protector and public service providers. And according to this Coordinate, it analyzes the status of China's township government functions. Besides affirming its achievements, this paper analyzes the problems of its economic function, social management function and public service function, at the same time, points out the reasons why it is difficult for the township government to change its functions, including these four elements: concepts, external force, system and finance; and then according to the above problems, it proposes appropriate measures to promote the township government to change, such as changing their concepts, speeding up the coordinated system reformation, strengthening economy guiding function and social management function, improving the public service function and playing the advantages of the NGO. Finally, take the Dacun township government of Jiaonan city in Shandong province as an example, describe and analyze its function in the New Village Construction, giving a further proof of the above Countermeasures feasibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villages and Towns Government, Function Transformation of Villages and Towns Government, New Public Service
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