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Under Coal Mine System Of South Manchuria Railway Company Oppression Chinese Laborers' Revolt Struggle (1906-1945)

Posted on:2009-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the Japan - Russia War, Japan appeared by the victorious nation posture and divided into own sphere of influence the Northeast China south. South Manchuria Railway Company is a monopoly capitalist enterprise for carrying out its"Manages Manchu" the policy. Simultaneously it also is the colonial aggression mechanism. South Manchuria Railway Company carries on barbaric mining using the Chinese inexpensive labor force to northeast's coal resources. It completely does not give a thought to the Chinese laborer's safety. It urges the laborers who are engaged in the dangerous arduous service in the extremely bad work environment and under the living condition. Chinese laborers who are exploited by the coal system of South Manchuria Railway Company take the different way to wage the revolt struggle.This text is divided into four parts altogether.The first part introduces the basic instance of the coal system of South Manchuria Railway Company. Early twentieth century Japan already peeped at the rich coal resources of the Northeast China. Japan won in the Japan - Russia War. It started to grab the exploitation rights of the northeast coal resources. After the September 18th Incident, Japan established the colonial rule in the Northeast China. South Manchuria Railway Company expanded the coal mining area and implemented plundering type mining.The second part analyses the rule of South Manchuria Railway Company to Chinese laborer's dominant policy. It includes labor recruitment policy and labor management policy. The coal mine system carries out the local recruitment policy. It recruits large quantities of laborers from North China and uses many "the special worker". South Manchuria Railway Company manages the Chinese laborers using the feudalism.The third part reveals Chinese laborer's misery life in the coal mine system. The laborers are being engaged in overtime, the ultra intensity physical labor. They suffer the economical exploitation. They have not been able to eat full and put on warm. Sometimes the laborers must withstand the severe penalty. A large quantity of Chinese laborers died. Many "the mass grave" preserve down until now.The fourth part discusses Chinese laborer's revolt struggle. Chinese laborers of the coal mine system strike and sabotage production. Many Chinese laborers escape and rebel. These behaviors have the important historical significance.
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