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Thinking About Challenges China's Rural Grass-roots Party Organizations Facing And Countermeasures Under The New Situation

Posted on:2009-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rural grass-roots party organizations are the basis of all the work of our party in ruralareas and its effectiveness, and are the leading core for all the rural organizations and allcauses. During developing the social market economy and building socialist new rural areas,further strengthening the construction of rural grass-roots party organizations can guaranteethe establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development, comprehensivelybuilding a well-off society and building a harmonious rural areas, and can speed up thesolution of the problems in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, improve the Party's ability togovern rural areas, consolidate the party's ruling basis in the rural areas, maintain theadvanced nature of rural party organizations and their members, improve constantly theparty's grass-roots organizations'cohesion and combat effectiveness, ensure the party's abilityto fully play a coordinating parties and the leading core of dominating the overall role, andpromote rural economic development and social progress. Strengthening the construction ofrural grass-roots party organizations is of great significance.In the new century, the building of grassroots party organizations in rural areas hasentered a new period of development, with the deepening of rural reform, the restructuring ofthe rural economy and the acceleration of the process of rural main interests'diversification,farmers class division, democracy building in rural areas, rural religious organizations, andalso the rise of religious forces have all brought about new challenges to the rural grass-rootsparty organizations.The problems existing in building rural grass-roots party organizations can not beignored. Only by facing up the problems and analyzing their causes and taking targetedmeasures, can the building of grassroots party organizations in rural areas be strengthenedfoundamentally, can the task of building the new socialist rural areas and a well-off society beimplemented. Under such circumstances, the party's organizations and their work coveragecan be expanded, their leadership system and working mechanism be constantly improved,their own building work be innovated, their vitality and creativity be enhanced, their functionserving the masses be strengthened, their cohesion and appeal be enhanced, grass-roots partybuilding strengthened, their members and cadres'ideology and ruling power upgraded, so thatrural grass-roots party organizations'ideology, politics, organizational leadership can beimproved, and their absolute leadership position in rural areas can be ensured.
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