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Research On Liability Compensation Of Moto Vehicle Damages

Posted on:2008-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law put in to force in May first 2004, gives a certain lawmaking criterion to the liability for torts of the traffic accident. On July first 2006 got up executes Mechanical transport Accident Responsibility Compulsory insurance Rule to make to the mechanical transport accident responsibility compulsory insurance has been clear about the specific stipulation, Has established our country's mechanical transport accident damage compensate liability insurance system from in the legal regime stratification plane. Above legal, laws and regulation execution, Has brought in inevitably the theory and the practice many new situation and the new question, Also enabled the road traffic accident damage compensate case processing compared with formerly to have the tremendous change. Therefore, Studies the road traffic accident damage compensate in this situation the related question to appear especially essential. This article begins with the conception of road traffic accident. Then it discusses the composing of the civil burden in the traffic accidents, liability insurance, etc.. In order to improve our legislations on road traffic accident damages.
Keywords/Search Tags:traffic accident, the principle of the fixation of liability, contributory negligence, liability insurance
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