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Exploration On Marx's Early Ethics Thought

Posted on:2009-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this article , the early ethics thought of Marx that the author disscusses mainly refers to the ethics thought that Marx displayed in the works before "Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844". The study on Marx's early ethics thought is able to reproduce the course of forming, development and evolvement of Marx's ethics thought, show the theory venation of Marx's ethics thought development more clearly, and offer reliable value for holding ethics of Marxism scientifically.This article briefly summarizes the development of Marx's early ethics thought to three main stages: The first stage——the start of Marx's early ethics thought when Marx drawing initiatory ethics thought of modern initiatory. As for time , it refers to the time of Marx in middle school and university . The Second stage——the important turn of Marx early ethics thought, when Marx started to think about the relationship of moral and benefit as he exceeded initiatory ethics thought.As for time, it refers to the job period of "Rhenish Newspaper" .The third stage—the important development of Marx's early ethics thought, when Marx confirmed the value point and the aim of his ethics thought through analyzing citizen's society and affirming the subject of the human liberation . As for time, it refers to the period of Marx working for " Rhenish Newspaper " to establishing " German - French Annals ".As a whole, there is a basic clue which is the deep sympathy and care to human destiny. From having the great dream of dedicating himself to reaching human happiness to showing his own value position——to get the final aim of setting the whole world free at the standpiont of proletariat benefit, which forces Marx to divide from the kind of ethcis system which starts from common reason,unchanged human nature,emotions,common "love" and so on, and to shown his theory's special characters.In a world, the study on Marx's early ethics thought will help us grasp its essence more accurately and persist Marx's value point voluntarily during the course of moral practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, Early ethics thought, Initiatory ethics thought, The human liberation
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