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Research Of Non-profit Organization's Participate In The Outsourcing Of Public Service

Posted on:2009-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245480832Subject:Administrative Management
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Since China's social and economic development entry into a new century, the government is committed to the social and economic overall development under the guidance of the concept of scientific development. Public service has become one of the most important government functions. The government spends on education, health, social security and environmental protection in rapid growth. But the government itself has some limitations in providing public services, for example, low efficiency,seeking money from others and so on. In this situation, the outsourcing of public service becomes an effective way in improving the efficiency of government expenditure on public services, and one of the major participator is Non-Profit Organization (NPO). And that will give many opportunities to the development of NPO which is now in primitive stage of development.NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service has accumulated massive theory achievement and experience when the Government Reform Movement began in western countries, especially from the Welfare State to the Welfare Society change. In part one of this article, analyzed the theoretical foundations of NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service and the reality basis of this topic. On this basis, with the background of China's social transformation, made an in-depth and in-width explanation of the theory. In part two, introduced the international perspective of NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service, analyzed and evaluated the typical countries' practice. In part three, introduced the status of NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service in China. On the basis of practice in the localities, analyzed the obstacles and influence. In part four put forward policy recommendations to promote NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service, including path selection and policy approaches.NPO's participate in the outsourcing of public service is a useful exploration in solving the problem of insufficient supply of public services in the future. In China, in order to make this innovative system play its role, it is necessary to accurately define the functions of the government, to clear the role of the government, to enhance NPO's capacity, and to strengthen the building of civil society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outsourcing of public service, Government functions, NPO, Civil society
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