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Debate On Cultivate And Improve Of Quality Of Civil Servant Of Our Country

Posted on:2009-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245954355Subject:Political Theory
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The official quality is the basic maxim synthesis which the good conduct, the cultural accomplishment, the health body and mind and the ideals of socialism faith requests manifests. Official quality height, direct relation party's cadre troop's overall level and cause of building up socialism's prosperity and decline success or failure. Therefore, improves the official quality is the party and the government is clear about the request, is also raises the administrative efficiency the essential action, is also our country integrates in the economic globalization advancement the request inevitably.At present, the full understanding improves the official quality the importance, constructs a high quality the cadre troop, is one item very vital and the urgent duty. This article first is to the official quality theory outline, has analyzed the official quality concept limits, the official quality connotation and the present stage to the official quality new request; Next, the selective analysis present our country official quality present situation and the promotion difficult position, including the present our country official quality present situation, affected the system flaw which our country official quality enhanced and hinder the official quality promotion the factor analysis; Finally, this article proposed promotes the official quality the countermeasure, mainly includes the construction science the official classifies the system, the innovation official to educate the training system, to strengthen the official ability construction, to consummate the official to test records with the system of examining and assessment, the perfect official incentive mechanism and establishes and consummates official's surveillance to restrict the mechanism, provides through this article elaboration for our country official quality's raise and the enhancement uses for reference.
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