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A Research About How To Improve The Mountain Minority Peasant's Quality In Guangxi In The Background Of The New Rural Construction

Posted on:2009-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The central authority's"The First document"of 2006 and the fifth, six Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of Communist Party of China have put forward the target and requirement of structuring harmonious society of socialism. The New Rural Construction is an important aspect. The CPC Central Committee points out that the new rural construction should push solidly and steadily according the following requirement:"The productivity should develop; The life should be well-off; The rural resident's life should be civilized;The village should be tidy;The management should be democratic."The subject of the rural area is peasants, and the master of agriculture is peasants. Therefore, it is necessary to"improve the peasants'overall quality and cultivate the new farmers with educated, technology knowledge, and management knowledge for the new rural construction."In addition, Guangxi is a multi-ethnic province. For the reason of many aspects such as history, natural environment, etc.,"minority areas"and"region edge","economic backwardness","social underdevelopment","low quality of the population"are relevant concepts. Therefore, improving the minority peasants'quality is particularly necessary and urgent. It will not only help improve the living conditions of minority farmers, but also help safeguard the social stability, so as to better promote the harmonious development of society.The research approach of this thesis can be explained from three levels. In the studying way, this research is a field survey; In the data collection methods, this study adopted questionnaires, interviews and literature; In the method of data analysis, this research used social science statistical software SPSS13.0 to statistic and analyze the questionnaire data, and used the method of qualitative analysis to analyze the data of case interviews,the data of literature.This thesis took quantitative research as the core and taking qualitative research as the supplement, analyzing the current situation of the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi and the factors which influence the quality in depth, exploring the contents, ways and means of how to improve the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi. The full thesis includes the following five parts:The first part is the introduction. It discoursed the origin of research problem, the significance of the research, the definition of basic concepts, the train of research and research methods.The second part is the literature review. It look back the research results about peasants and peasant's both at home and abroad mainly, and established the theoretical foundation of this research.This thesis attempts to integrate the views of Theodore W. Schultz and Henri Mendras, considering that we should not only focus on the education and training on peasants, but also the function of the market and modernity factor.The third part is the positive analysis about the current situation of the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi.The positive research of this part indicates that the overall quality of the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi is far lower than the requirement of The New Rural Construction of socialism. The body quality of mountain minority peasants in Guangxi is beyond the standard of qualification, but cultural qualities, scientific and technological quality, management quality, ideological and moral qualities, modern consciousness are not qualified.The reason which causes the current situation of the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi is both microeconomic factors and macroeconomic factors. The microeconomic factors include regional, gender, nationality, age, education level, political background, etc.; The macroeconomic factors include two structure in urban and rural areas, agricultural mode of production and self-sufficient economic, educational development unbalanced in urban and rural areas, history and culture, the policies of reform and opening to the outside world, etc. The fourth part explored the contents, ways and means of how to improve the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi.The content of improving the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi should include 5 aspects: the route, principles and policies of CPC; the laws and regulations of Country; Vocational skills; ideological and moral knowledge; modern consciousness; agricultural production and processing technology.There are mainly six ways and means improving the mountain minority peasant's quality in Guangxi. First, we should bring into full play the leading role of government and the supplementary role of social forces; Second, we should strengthen the education and training of peasant; Third, we should set up and perfect the rural social security system; Fourth, we should develop peasant's cooperative economic organization; Fifth, we should strive to promote occupational mobility of peasants; Sixth, we should exploite the rural tourist resources.The fifth part is a conclution.It mainly summarizes full texts and proposes the defects of this thesis.
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